If you’re wondering what it is you need to get through the day, we’re pretty sure this is it right here.
— Paste Magazine

A musical middle finger to today’s authoritarian machine, this live rendition bristles
with gritty instrumentation and vocal urgency; Sophia Urista, entrusted with frontwoman
duties, delivers the brazen lyrics through her own portentous lens, buoyed by an equally
consequential coalescence of sound.
— Digital High

Brass against the Machine feat. Sophia Urista. A brass band takes the RATM standardbearer
and turns out their own huge, ferocious version. Sophia Urista is appropriately and
excellently furious.
— Independent Clauses

For one of their recent covers, they take “Killing in the Name” from Rage Against the
Machine and infuse it with their own potent brew of brass eclecticism. The track
maintains its hardline perspective but is reinvigorated and reshaped by the unexpected
rhythmic changes the band pumps into it.
— Nooga